“Best way to learn Morse Code"(2 way radios range)

The best way to learn (or re-learn) Morse code is to assign yourself several time periods a week and just sit down and listen to c.w. broadcasts or tapes while you write down the characters you can understand.(2 way radios range)

If you are starting from scratch, there are many free computer programs you can get that will teach you Morse code, a few characters at a time. It is normal to start with the alpha characters (A B C etc) and then learn the numerals ( 1 2 3 etc) and finally the prosigns and punctuation characters.

If you already know them, but just wish to increase your speed, all you have to do is listen and write down, again and again and again. The skill comes from reading the morse code.

Sending ‘charley whiskey’ (c.w. – ‘continuous wave’ signals = Morse Code) is much easier than reading it, and can be learned after you can read c.w.(2 way radios range}

You start at START and hear a DAH then move down and left to the T and then you hear a DIT so you move down and RIGHT to the N and then you hear another DIT so you move DOWN and RIGHT again and land on the D
You then write down the letter D on your code copy paper and jump back to START waiting for your next letter.
The key to learning the code is hearing it and comprehending it while you hear it.
The only way to get there is to practice 10 minutes a day.
Listen to code tapes or computer practice code while tracing out this chart and you will find yourself writing down the letters in no time at all without the aid of the chart.
The chart brings repetition together with recognition, which you don't get from any other type of code practice aid.

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